Artificial 24 Carrot Golden Rose (Premium Quality) - Best Gift for Valentines Day

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Product description
The rose symbolizes beauty and love , so it is no wonder that this adorable flower is raised to the highest rank in the world of gifts. Roses always brighten the day of those who receive them, and if instead of a dying natural rose you choose to offer a 24k gold rose, the surprise would be even greater. This rose can last a long time, having a longer destiny than the natural rose so beautiful, but still so fragile. 

24K gold-plated rose - artificial pattern has the magical power to elevate or soften a person's feelingswho receives it. It is perfect for any occasion, such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday, name day, etc. 

People offer roses as a sign of love and affection and no gift is as adorable as this 24K gold-plated rose - artificial pattern. While a natural rose loses its beauty and delicacy in a few days, this immortal rose lasts forever and evokes a special memory or moment. 

Use:Give a gift 24K gold-plated rose - artificial model and mark a special moment properly . It is the special and elegant gift for the dear person. It is delivered in an elegant box and is accompanied by a quality certificate .